About this blog

Thanks for checking out SoutherTranquilMassage I hope you enjoy the posts and feel free to reach out if you have suggestions.


I created this blog just to help express and hopefully spread a sense of calm and tranquility to the world!

As I mention in my About page, I was raised near Atlanta, Ga and now spend my time between there and the North West part of the country. Every time I come home I feel this sense of calm and relaxation. Its probably just because I grew up in the South and it feels most natural. Either way I can sit and enjoy my Sweet Tea on a Spring night and feel complete tranquility. Honestly my muscles are relaxed the stresses of travel and the day to day are just lifted, as if I had an amazing massage, that leaves you like putty, totally relaxed.

So I figured I should Start a blog and write about what makes me at ease or tranquil. In the hopes others can relate or possibly pick something up. Well I hope you enjoy southerntranquilmassage and I’ll be posting again soon.


Thanks Y’all