Just checking in :)

Hello, friends and followers I hope your off to a relaxing summer… I just wanted to follow up on whats happening here at STM and how we’ve found some diamonds in the roughest spots!

There always there those little shinny spots of brilliance in the rough patches of life. If you ask the elderly, who have the most experience in life, will tell you life is rough and never straight forward. Rather it is rough, you have to take it by the horns, handle situations, and enjoy the little things, while you can.

One of my favorite moments over the last month was having the opportunity to talk with my Uncle who is 98 years old. We were at a family function and he was sitting there at a table by himself. Honestly I hadn’t taken the time to get to know him very well over my life, rather t was distance or whatever. We had never really talked in depth. Well at this point in his life he has a hard time remembering name and faces. Even a hard time eating..

We sat there and talked for a good hour. He stopped the conversation multiple times to apologize and ask who I was etc.. With a quick no problem, so tell me more about the ranch 75 years ago.. Boy he had stories most related some off the wall 🙂 but what a great conversation.

He told me about three generations and where they came from the many adventures and business ventures he had growing up. Everything from ranching, horse racing and small business. I cant believe I waited so long to talk with Uncle Ted.

The single most important thing he told me that day was mid sentence, as he was reminiscing on the glory days of racing. He stops, looks sternly and squarely in my eyes and says ” Life doesn’t just happen, its what you make of it”. I know this is a saying heard many times by many people. Even I have heard people throughout my life say this or similar phrases, right? Well, this was his one message at age 98 he had to make sure I heard!

Furthermore, not just myself. I believe he felt and would say that this bit of knowledge is the single most important thing in life. Of  course its not what you hear or say that makes the impact in life. It the action behind the words… The results of hard work can only happen with action. Essentially there is no shortcuts in life, you get out what you put in..

Rather in your personal relationships or business ventures take action, major action. Life doesn’t just happen!!

I must give a complement to a contractor who helped us with our project in Boise. I spoke to the owner shortly after this conversation and I mean we talked at length, for like 3 hours. He’s a drywall contractor and has been for many years. He spent most of his time working for other companies, basically running the crews and jobs. It wasn’t until he took action and a little risk a couple years ago did he see his desired results. He has since built his business to not only support his family but a number of employees. He works 80 hour weeks this time of year and tells me he does it not only for his family but his employees and their families.

I can testify his crew did a great job and I would highly recommend Boise Drywall Pro’s  if you need full installation or just a repair job in Boise, ID.

Thanks again guys!

If your reading this wanting to change your situation, take action! There is no bad action, well okay maybe there is. But decide what your goal is map out your route and take action. Rather its starting a business, or running a 10K there ain’t nothing to it, but to do it.. one step at a time. If you fail, good, you learned. Get back up and finish the course but don’t make the same mistake twice, that’s just foolish. LOL

Thanks again all, we will talk with you, at you, soon!!!

What a trip!

Well in the spirit of this blog I always try to find the silver lining in each day. As I mentioned in my last post I had to travel out to Idaho and take care of a property we have there. Well there was a serious leak in the third floor which went unnoticed for far too long.. Renters, ughh… Well I had a ton of demolition this weekend and I think we are almost done ripping the wallboard and sub floor out where needed. Lets just say this is one expensive project and things keep adding up and up..


Well money isn’t everything and this will all pass, At the same time life dishes big stinky plates some times. The only thing we can do is find the silver lining and move on. I love the South and have discussed how tranquil being at home is., hence the blog name.. but when I cant be home I have to search to find things that bring the sense of tranquility as I feel at home.

So how do I do that? I look at everything around me and realize the world isn’t going to stop spinning. There are always things to be grateful for. For instance I found a great BBQ joint in town. The owner was from Arkansas so it was okay… but they had a great sweet-tea and baby backs. It brought me that sense of hoe I was needing. Once I got back to my property I noticed the lawn crew I hired was working away.. I mean I have the side of my building stripped down and these guys are treating my landscape like its gold. They helped pick the debris off the landscape and did just a fantastic job on the lawn and really all around. As you get to know me better, you’ll know that one thing I love is a perfect lawn and being able to relax and enjoy clean lines and a neat and tidy backyard.

My sense of tranquility or the silver lining in my weekend was thanks to my yard service, Boise Lawn Experts. A new company to me and I couldn’t be happier, Thanks guys!

So in the midst of a pile of rubble there is always a silver lining. Even if that silver lining is appreciating the small things in life. I would encourage you to find that sense of tranquility wherever you may find yourself.

Until next time stay cool my friends!