A little taste of the South

It’s been a great summer! sure there’s been its ups and its downs but I can’t help but feel like things are moving forward. The last several months have been filled with all of life’s challenges and joys. As some members of our family pass on, others join. As certain business ventures keep oozing money, other unexpected opportunities have been true blessings.

Through the roller coaster of life, it’s important to sit back relax, sip on a sweet ice tea and crank up some good old Southern music. I take kindly to a little Alabama and I hope ya’ll do too.


Life’s short

Well its been a bit since I had  chance to post due to some unforeseen family matters.

The last time I posted was about one of my properties in Idaho and the issues we were having. In the spirit of this blog I mentioned a few things that seemed to bring me a sense of tranquility in the midst of turmoil. Those being a nice southern BBQ and a great service from one of my vendors, Boise Lawn Experts.

In the spirit of my recent events and this blog I wanted to talk about Family and how each member of our respective families is crucial to our upbringing. I recently lost an uncle to Cancer at a relatively young age. It could have been the camel straights or the exhaust fumes from his big rig. Possibly just life and the inevitable. Either way it was a quick and tragic loss.

The nice thing to come of all this was the tie spent with family and the time remembering how much this member meant to all of us. He, as they say finished well. Simply put he had many trials and tribulations throughout his life, some which caused much heart ache. He was able to find his balance and focus on what was important the last few years of his life. For that we were all happy.

Another common theme was how well he connected to everyone around. I mean this guy had a story about everything. He could walk into a room full of strangers and pick up a conversation with anyone and talk for hours. This was a very admirable trait one many people mentioned at his service. A trait I will forever remember and admire.

The more I thought about his ability to connect to almost anyone I realized this trait was a culmination of his life experiences coming through.  You see without these trials and tribulations my Uncle wouldn’t have the same ability to connect to almost anyone. I know it helped us connect on many occasions. There was a lot of tears and conversations around the trials of his life and how it effected those around him. Thankfully he was able to pull it all together and use those experiences for good.

My encouragement and my sense of tranquility come from the lesson I learned these past couple of days. No matter what someone has gone through or is going through remember the big picture and help them turn those trials into a positive. The Sum of a man/woman isn’t in the fractions of their life but the total of those experiences and how they use learn and help others.

Make sure and tell you family, immediate and otherwise, what they mean to you.

There may not be another chance.



Oh boy, what a day!

Man what a day! A I mentioned in an earlier post I travel between the South and the Northwest. I would much rather be home in GA,  but I have a number of  properties across the country and it seems like I spend more time on a plane then at home lol.. Well today I get a call from one of my managers letting me  know that our property in Idaho had a serious water leak which likely needs total restoration.. So as I sit her tonight after packing for my trip to Idaho. I wanted to try and enjoy my last night here at home for probably 2 weeks. SO I sit her enjoying this night, playing with my 5 year old and Wife and just take in the most important part of life “Family”.

My Son absolutely loves the card game GoFish as well as fishing, but probably the card game a little bit more. We dont always catch fish and he lets me know, lol… But these moments are so priceless and truly bring me back to reality.

Even when things are going hay wire with other aspects of our lives these moments are what this blog represents, that sense of calm that lets you live in the moment. This is truely one of those tranquil moments, or as I like to call it a southern tranquil massage kinda moment, lol…

Well I’ll try to check in from the road..



Southern Tranquil Massage- STM

Southern Tranquil Massage is a brand new blog site and we want to welcome you! we are excited to share who we are and what our vision is,  in the coming posts. We want you to leave our site feeling a bit more relaxed, easy going and chill! Kinda like having a Southern Tranquil Massage 🙂


We’ll post soon, thanks again for stopping by!